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Saioa Cano

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Saioa Cano Kortajarena, Zarautz


I have just completed a Master in Post-production and Editing at Centa School in San Sebastian. Winner of the Eikenbank scholarship for an audiovisual project idea "Mundua jaten".

I am currently doing work practice in the production company Orio Produkziok and participating in a documentary, DSS1813-2013.

Education: Further Education Certificate in Audio visual film making in Escivi in San Sebastian, Further Education Certificate in Artistic Photography in Sierra I Abella in Barcelona.

I work as a freelance photographer, doing Making-of, a short film "Soñando con olas" (Dreaming of waves) and a documentary "Jaizkibel Amaharri". Weddings, first communions and books. Events, conferences and congresses. Also postcards.

Individual exhibitions in Torre Luzea in Zarautz and in the House of Culture in Orio a photo reportage of "Basque Fishing Villages"

In Barcelona, Terrassa, in the House of Culture and in Salatxo Bar in Orio another photo reportage on "Jazz".