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Borja Barrueta/ Hacería Jazz Club. Bilbao 2011


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Jose Horna.

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Jose Horna (Bilbao, 1959)


Photographer for the Bilbaina Jazz Club from 1992 to 1996.

Photographer for the magazine Cuadernos de Jazz (Madrid) since 1994.

Photographer for the magazine Jazz Hot (Paris) since 2003.

Why a Jazz photographer? Who knows... I could name many things: recordings by Billie Holiday or John Coltrane, the photographs of maestros like Herman Leonard, William Claxton, William Gottlieb or Guy Le Querrec, the radio programmes of Pío Lindegaard or Juan Claudio Cifuentes "Cifu"... Whatever it was, from a more personal point of view I can say that, at times, just like the leading musician in a well-known story by Julio Cortázar, I have had the unforgettable feeling that I was photographing these conjunctions of music and images that transported me to a long, sad night like a Lester Young ballad... tomorrow.