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Familia de Rigoitia, 1912


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Jesús de Echebarría e Ibargüengoitia.

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Jesús de Echebarria e Ibargüengoitia (Bilbao, 1882-1962)

Jesús de Echebarria is another of the amateur photographers who, with his decided vocation for difficult art and a surprising command of it, dedicates his free time to studying and practicing new photographic orientations, making his name increasingly more famous among those concerned with the flourishing of Spanish fine arts.

In love with light and the landscape and an avid supporter of stereoscopic photography, he imprints the whole character of the miniature in his productions and he is able to enclose them in an ambience of pleasant contemplation, full of beauty and poetry.

His highly notable works have brought him various awards in important and close-fought contests, such as those in Bilbao, Santander, Tarragona and Soria.

It can now be said with no risk of error that Jesús de Echebarria, an enthusiast and a scholar, is one of the first and best amateur photographers in Spain.

Félix de Albaniego. La Argentina en Europa, Barcelona 1916