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Bermeo I, 1976


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Fede Merino and Karlos Merino.

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11 Fede Merino (1943) Karlos Merino (1970).

ABFOTO TEAM. Photography and Video


Essence contains a minimum amount of matter and maximum amount of meaning. 

Beauty is not the bottle; it is the perfume, the content: it is an interior state, a state of conscience.


We have specialised in the following areas:


Steel production at Altos Hornos de Vizcaya, 1986-87

Construction of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, 1995-97; 
Construction of the Euskalduna Conference Centre, 1997-98...


Bermeo, 1973-76
Bilbao. Since 1972

Getxo. Since 1972...

Creative and Advertising:

Graphic Archive of the Arriaga Theatre. 1987-2003
Graphic Archive of the Euskalduna Conference Centre. Since 1997

Euskal Jokoak. 1988...

Aesthetic Research:

Monographs on Chillida. 1991. Oteiza, 1984-86. 
Barterrechea,1987. Mendiburu, 1989. Ibarrola, 1988, Larrea, 1994. 
Comparative Aesthetics of Basque sculpture from the 20th century...