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Erika Ede

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Erika Ede 

Holds a degrees in Geography and History specialising in the History of Art from Complutense University of Madrid, 1985

Fine Arts graduate from Complutense University of Madrid in 1986, specialising in Restoration of art and audio-visual works.

Honorary professor of the University of the Basque Country.



  • 2013. Exhibition UNIVERS POLIÈDRIC.DONES/ MIRADES/ PROPOSTES. MuVIM, Museum of Illustration and 
  •            Modernity. Valencia. Catalogue.
  • 2012. Individual exhibition in the Bilbaoarte Foundation: “Nah und Fern”.
    •      Individual exhibition “Retratos”, Town Hall of Gandía and FotoEspai in the Marquesa Hall.
    •      Individual exhibition “Retratos”, in Lugariz Kultur etxea, DonostiaKultura San Sebastian.
    •      Individual exhibition “Retratos”, in Intxaurrondo Kultur etxea, DonostiaKultura San Sebastian. 
  • 2011. Fundación Bilbaoarte scholarship. Group exhibition at the end of the project. 
  • 2010. Exposición individual Galería IMATRA, Botanischer Garten, Bilbao.
  • 2009. Pecha Kucha Night Bilbao #1. May 2009.

                  Chosen photographer at, Fotonoviembre 2009, Tenerife.

  • 2008. Individual exhibition “Retratos”, MuVIM, Museum of illustration and Modernity. Valencia. July, 2008.

  • 2007. Group exhibition “Atlántica Colectiva”, Fotonoviembre, Tenerife.
    •      Individual exhibition Galería Espacio Marzana, Bilbao. “Retratos”. 
  • 2006. Exhibition “Retratos”  Paris Photo Off. FêtArt. November 2006. Paris, France. 
  • 2005. Exhibition “DAS IST BERLIN” in the BBK Hall, Culture Aula de Cultura, Bilbao, Spain.
    •      Exhibition in Galeria Estudio 22. Logroño.”It’s a Man’s World”
    •      Plastic Arts Biennial in Pamplona. 
  • 2004. Exhibition “It’s a Man’s World” in the Zucchi Museum, ClicArt Gallery. Milan, Italy.
    •      Individual exhibition Galería Espacio Marzana, Bilbao. 
  • 2003. Group landscape. Galería Espacio Marzana, Bilbao. 
  • 2002. Chosen in the European Award for Women Photographers. “Places of Life”. Prato, Florencia, Italy. 
  •            Group exhibition on the occasion of the award.
  • 2001. Kunst Köln, Germany. Galería Galaxia Gutemberg, Barcelona.
                PHE. Photo Spain 2001: chosen for the section “Descubrimientos” (Discoveries).      
    •      Foto Bild Berlin, Germany. Fair of Contemporary Photography, Berlin, Germany.
           Individual exhibition “Entre la tierra y el mar: Private landscape portrait ”Aroma Fotogalerie, Berlin, Germany. 
           International Photo Fair Fotonoviembre, Tenerife, Spain 

  • 2000. Chosen in the European Award for Women Photographers. “Places of Life”. Prato, Florencia, Italy. 
  •             Group exhibition on the occasion of the award.
    •      Individual exhibition “Berliner chic” in the Basauri Cultural Centre, Biscay, Spain.
    •      Group exhibition “Guggenheim”. Photographic association of Guadalajara. Spain.
  • 1999. Individual exhibition "Berliner Chic" in the gallery “Espacio de los Mundos”, Bilbao,  Spain.
    •      Group exhibition "...und diese Bild nehme ich mit!" Fotogalerie Aroma, Berlin, Germany. 
  • 1998. Group exhibition “Guggenheim” in the gallery “Espacio de los Mundos”, Bilbao,  Spain.
    •      International World Heritage Photo Competition - The Winners ... Prize,. Erika Barahona Ede, Spain,  
    •      Churches of Moldavia. (Iglesias de Moldavia”)... 
  • 1995. Scholarship “The Eddie Adams Workshop” for documentary and press photography New York,

               United States of America.



  • In-house photographer of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and coordinator of the photography department since 1997.  
  • 2000. Photographic project for the commercial magazine in Berlin "FriedrichstadtPassagen."
    •      Video script for the Spanish photographer "Ortiz Echagúe", Queen Sofia Art Centre, Madrid.
    •      Numerous publications in European and North American press (Figaro, El Correo, Washington Post, Geo,  
    •      Elle, Vogue, etc.).
  • 1998-2000. Photographs and projects published in GEO, Elle, Vogue, Figaro, The New York Times, Washington  
  •                       Post, National Geographic, Art in America, etc. 

  • 1997. Photographic documentation of the Historic Centre of Berlin for the yearbook of the architectural journal  
  •            Berlin Bauwelt Annual. Germany. 
  • 1996. Photography for the cover of Foyer, publication of the Senate of Berlin, Germany.                     
    •      Cultural photographic projects for the Senate of the city of Berlin.  
  • 1995-2000. Publications in Tagesspiegel, Die Tageszeitung, Freitag, Elefanten Press, etc. in Germany. 

                             Script and photography of the industrial videos KNAUF, BP Oil as well as institutional videos: 
                             FORCEM, etc.
                             Script-writing and photography of the historic and artistic architecture of Salamanca. 
                             Regional Government of Salamanca. 

  • 1994. Undertaking the scenography for the theatre play "Camille, Rosette et Perdican" (Adaptation of Alfred de  
  •             Muset) for the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca (Romania).  Contract for the French Cultural Centre in  
  •             Romania for the theatre season of the year.  
  • 1993.  Video script "Recuperando Imageners del Pasado" (Recovering images from the past), documentary on  
  •             paper manufacture and restoration for the Museum Casa de la Moneda in Madrid.  
  • 1992.  Assistant in assembly and cooperation of the painting exhibition "Paris, Sete, Seville" sponsored by Seville  
  •             Town Hall, Reales Alcazares and Institute Francais. Seville
  •             Photography and maintenance of the audio-visual multi-projection "Latin American Cooperation" for the  
  •             pavilion of the Sociedad Estatal V Centenario at the Universal Exhibition of Seville: Expo 92
  • 1991.  Assistance, as teacher of Lithography, in the journey to America "AVENTURA 92" sponsored by the 
  •             Sociedad Estatal V Centenario.  
  • 1990.  Scriptwriter of the documentary video "La Litografia" for the exhibition "Origins of  lithography in Spain" at the 
  •             Museum Casa de la Moneda in Madrid. 
  •              Design of the reconstruction of a lithographic workshop of the 19th century for said exhibition. 

  • 1986.  Co-founded the workshop-publisher Obra Grafica Original "Vert de Gris" with the aim of recovering ancient  
  •             technique of artistic printing. This publisher has worked for prestigious Spanish and foreign artists as well as 
  •             galleries, namely: Marlborough, Levi, etc. and Museums: Casa de la Moneda, San Fernando Fine Art  
  •             Academy, Museum of Fine Art of Bilbao, among others.