What is a TAKO?

A 20x20x4cm block of wood with a piece of graphic art printed on it.

Conceptually, it is Basque contemporary art on an original medium. All of this at an affordable price. An objet d’art, a photo or a graphical image entakada (printed on a block of wood), in democratic format. TAKO is the reproduction of quality at an easy price; it is a new medium on a fine material, it is production, item by item, to order. To collect or give as a gift. To stack, to hang, to support, to group or to enjoy on its own. It is a work in itself or the fragment of a large piece of work that is defined be relating it to others.

It is a different way of understanding and sharing the world of photography and graphic design. It is outreach and dissemination of the work of Basque artists, art available to all.


What is behind TAKO?

Behind TAKO there is creativity and reproduction with state-of-the-art technology. There are photographers from Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa selected by TAKO, who in turn select images of their work to turn them into TAKOS.

TAKO is a collaboration project, joining forces to promote contemporary Basque photography and design, which aims to make our artists’ work available to the general public. This makes art more accessible and it encourages the collecting of graphic art and the integration of art in everyday life.

The main objective of TAKO and of the artists who are involved in the project is to show their work, to ensure it reaches as many people as possible, making TAKO a surprising calling card and an easy object to integrate into people’s lives. 

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